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Branding Boss Masterclass

Creating a brand that stands out above the noise and turns your target audience into actual buyers of your product isn't easy, but it's totally possible.

In this interactive online course, we'll show you how to create brand that stands out visually, the social strategy to get noticed by your target audience (aka. future customers) AND the automation rules to make sure you seamlessly glide through your weeks like a boss.



5 Reasons Why It's Awesome To Be A Solopreneur

Many people dream of becoming their own boss and running a business, but in reality not all of us can make those dreams manifest, but there are those of us tenacious enough to do whatever it takes to become a Solopreneur.

A solopreneur can defined as somebody who has a registered business and does all of the business operations themselves. They are different from freelancers in the sense that they are building a brand and are hopefully on a few steady contracts.

Commitment, discipline, and hard work are all necessary to "make it big" - or even survive, in the business world. However, running our own businesses also allows us to follow our passions, monetize them, as well as empower us enough to do so.

Let's take a look at 5 reasons why it's awesome to be a solopreneur! 

1. Flexibility

A Solopreneur chooses his or her own journey to success. Since there’s no set path, you have the freedom to develop unique partnerships and relationships as well as work in various locations - including the comfort of your home. This feeling of independence can be refreshing, and that’s what you get when running your own business.

2. Creative Control

Ever been assigned a task that you absolutely dreaded? Solopreneurs choose their own projects and missions to accomplish! When you are your own boss you’re able to tap into your unique talents and abilities and use them to produce quality work! It’s your business, so you call the shots — it’s really that simple. Plus, you can delegate whatever you don’t like doing or are simply...bad at!

3. Earning Potential

Opportunities are endless for a Solopreneur. You determine the success of your efforts by the time you invest and the strategy you use. You are also ready to achieve accomplishments that traditional 9 to 5 jobs won’t ever present to you.

At a job, your earning potential is set by the job or a contract a union negotiated. Your earning potential is capped no matter how long you stay at that role. In all fairness, you could earn nothing at your business, but those who jump into solopreneurship are self-motivated to build a profitable business. Solopreneurs aren’t happy with the status quo and continue to grow their business and income. The beauty of Solopreneurship is that there are no gatekeepers to keep your income regulated.

4. Travel Opportunities

Not being bound to a cubicle offers a unique opportunity to not just work from home or your favorite coffee shop, but also the ability to expand your business nationally or even internationally. As a Solopreneur you have the choice to seek unique endeavors and pursue them no matter who or where they may come from. Solopreneurs appreciate the freedom and flexibility to travel and explore new things while still maintaining income and fulfilling their passion.

5. Legacy

Have you ever thought about leaving behind a part of you to grow and sustain itself even years later? Solopreneurs have a unique opportunity to leave their creative genius in the world even after they have gone on. When you build and own your dream business, it is likely to carry on to your kids and their kids.

What starts as a quest for freedom can end as something that’s in your family for generations. If your business is started out of something you're passionate about, that passion will impact lives for generations. You have the opportunity to leave your children something you’re proud of. And the additional opportunity to show them a parent who works to acheive their dreams. 

You have to take big risks if you want big rewards. Solopreneurs internalize this truth since taking your career and life into your hands sets a tone that shows they do not have to be bound by someone else’s dreams.

Therefore, be sure to do the necessary research and homework to ensure that you’re ready for such a commitment and that running a business is truly what you want to do!