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Hitting those big strategic goals is a lot easier when the person you are working with is pleasant, diligent, positive, enthusiastic, and fun. Rachel embodies all that. She is terrific to be around, she works hard and smart.
— Rob Halligan, Owner, Halligan Projects
We hired Starlight Social to help promote Pyazza at Techweek NYC 2015 where thousands compete in a pitch competition for a $50k grand prize. During the two-day competition, Rachel sold hundreds of attendees on our brand and had a fantastic eye for making our booth stand out, which was critical to our success in the first round.

On the final day, there was a “Tweet-to-Vote” contest where attendees could vote for their favorite of the final 15 startups that made it to the second round. Rachel was crucial to our success as she was able to whip up branded images on the fly, send out dozens of tweets, and drum up votes in person by working the crowd. We won the Techweek 2015 Popular Vote and were runners-up for the grand prize after our final pitch.

Starlight Social was an excellent addition to our team for the two days at the conference. We would not have had the awesome physical or digital presence that we did without the aid of Starlight Social.
— Garrett Bauman, Brand Marketing Director, Pyazza
Starlight Social did an amazing job of supporting TN2 Consulting’s social media efforts during a major event. Starlight Social ensured the content shared was both relevant and engaging, ultimately leading to additional followers and mentions during and after the event. We will definitely be using Starlight Social for our future social media and marketing efforts!
— Tameika L. Scott, Founder & Chief HR Officer, TN2 Consulting, LLC