Getting the Most out of Instagram Marketing with Linktree and Campsite

Simply put, Instagram is good for your business.  Forbes called it the top social media platform for engagement.  If you aren’t up to speed on Instagram, this article is a good place to start.

Instagram is a very visual platform.  The right images can convey more information more quickly than mere text.  Pictures tell stories. People love stories. And stories sell.  Posts with visual content are 650% more engaging and 40 times more likely to be shared.  You need to be telling your story on Instagram.

But, there is a drawback.  You need your story to drive people to your relevant links, but Instagram wants to keep people on their site.  It’s not a link-friendly platform. While you can include links in posts, they won’t be clickable. The only clickable link is in your bio.

One clickable link.  Just one. That’s a problem.  What to choose? A Facebook page?  Your site? Your store? An Amazon link with your product?  What if you didn’t have to choose?

There is a solution to the single-link problem.  And it won’t get you busted with the ban hammer by the InstaPolice.

I’m talking about multiplying that single link into several. There are a number of services that turn the link on your bio into a link hub, providing many more choices.  Two of the most popular solutions are Linktree and Campsite.

These two have quite a lot in common.  Both redirect the visitor to a landing page with multiple link options.  Both have free and paid options. The free versions include some limited customization and a click counter.

Both have similarly priced pro versions (Linktree $6/mo., Campsite $7/mo).  Paid versions allow the user to remove the app branding, increase customization options, and integrate with MailChimp.  Both provide support and advanced analytics. And both are compatible with Facebook Pixel for retargeting.  In other words, even if they don’t make a purchase, they are going to see your marketing and brand wherever they go.

So what makes them different?  Linktree and Campsite share a lot of features, but a few things set them apart.

Linktree has a head start on name recognition and continues to be the best-known service of this kind. It may be a bit more intuitive in sign up and set up.  The paid version allows team access, and UTM parameters, which can be big advantages in serious marketing efforts.

Campsite allows a bit more customization of appearance in both the free and paid version and includes in-app access to Unsplash for stock photos.  Campsite offers the very attractive feature of allowing you to add pictures to your links from among your Instagram photos.

Instagram deserves to be a big part of your marketing efforts!  Linktree and Campsite can help you overcome that single link problem and get the most out of Instagram as a marketing tool.

Go check them out!