Tips to Save Time: Keyboard Shortcuts

I know as my work became predominantly virtual, I noticed that small changes and a little know-how can go a long way. I wanted to share some of my small tricks to help you, too! In case you find yourself having accidentally deleted something and suddenly the world is closing in, or you are just really tired of having to move your hands from keyboard to mouse.

Top keyboard shortcuts!


  • CTRL + z will reverse the last actions you made sequentially

  • CTRL + c will copy highlighted text or images

  • CTRL + v will past copied text or images

  • CTRL + SHIFT + v will copy text or images without formatting (this is a blessing in Word documents)

  • CTRL + K will add open the option to add link to highlighted text or images

  • CTRL + Enter will allow you to add breaks when usually the field would close when enter is pressed (example: Excel)

  • CTRL + S Saves


  • ALT + Tab will allow you to shift through the open browsers on your screen (note not tabs open in the same browser)

  • CTRL + SHIFT + Tab will allow you to shift through open tabs in a browser

  • CTRL + N (N Stands for a number between 1 and 8) will allow you to shift to the tab holding that numeric place in your browser


  • CTRL + F will open a search bar to allow you to search for specific words or phrases in documents, emails, and websites

  • CTRL + H The opens a dialog box to perform a “find and replace” operation in an open document


  • Shift + Space Will select an entire row

  • CTRL + T brings up a box to fill in table details and a table will be automatically be created

  • CTRL + Space Selects an entire column. You can also hold shift and the left/right arrows to select multiple columns

  • CTRL + Shift + “ copies the value from the cell above

  • CTRL + A Select all

  • CTRL + B Bolds highlighted text or the following text

  • CTRL + I italicize highlighted text or the following text

  • CTRL + U Underline

  • CTRL + S Saves

Do you think you will add some of these to your normal rotation? I know they have saved me a ton of time (ALT + Tab) and heartache (Thank you Lord for CTRL +Z!!!). We always want to learn more, so if you have any other awesome keyboard shortcuts to add, drop them in the comments below!