New Instagram Features

Instagram is changing the world of social media, making what used to be an image sharing app into a platform that is setting trends, and making its mark in both image and video while integrating high audience engagement. Its impressive really, when you consider that Facebook has been trying to do this for years.

For both experienced influencers and everyday friends, Instagram has implemented some amazing updates recently. All of which changes the game when it comes to metrics. Generally speaking, on social media, you have to wait and analyze your metrics to determine ROI, audience interest, etc. With Instagram’s new features, Instagram users are getting first hand, and fast-moving answers to these questions all while building a relationship with the audience itself.

First, let’s review quickly what Instagram Stories is. This isn’t to be confused with Instagram Live, which broadcasts live to followers and allows for questions and engagement immediately and in real time. Stories is a feature recently added to Instagram that allows for users to upload short videos with their followers, that unless saved to Highlights (essentially a carousel of organized stories information located on users home profile) disappear after 24 hours. Oftentimes this is used to share small daily tasks, quick tips, hints, announcing a new blog post, upcoming show, etc.

Within stories, there are awesome features - that we will be highlighting today.


This utilizes simple questions in which the followers select their answer to the question asked by the poster. This can be a life question, gauging audience interest, funny jokes, etc.

Here is a great example of how a business might utilize it:

In addition to the above, there is also Emoji Slider polls. This essentially allows the users to rate their interest in something on a scale. The further you move the emoji, the more interested you are in the question/topic.

Starlight website.png

Both are great ways to interact with your audience, keep them engaging, and keep your content relevant.


The most recent addition to Instagram’s Stories feature is questions. Questions offer audiences and influencers to conduct an AMA (Ask Me Anything). Once you post about questions on your story, followers will submit them, select a great question and share that question with the answer! Everyone that watches your stories that day will be privy to the info! These questions could be personal or business related and would serve as a great way to source questions for your FAQ page (or save your questions using the highlight feature, and link to them on your websites FAQ page as an additional source of content and knowledge!).

Insta post for web.png


Instagram now allows existing posts (excluding carousel posts, stories, shopping posts and branded content not included) to be converted into ads!

Using Power Editor and Ads Manager you will be able to convert your posts. You no longer need to use the in-app “promote” button.

Type Mode and New Fonts

This is a easy update! You can now write in new and interesting fonts and modes, adding a bit of spice of life in Instagram land! This will help keep your audience invested and clicking through your posts.



While we are talking about stories, and customization, we can’t forget the new GIFs that you can add to your stories. This is a great way to make normal mundane, but necessary, content more consumable and interesting.


Seems pretty simple, right? It is. But Instagram has found a way to make functional and simple into a global success. Essentially, building relationships stronger with a easy to use, and fun way. Which is exactly why Instagram is taking the world by storm!

Try integrating this into your Instagram presence, and let us know if you would like additional posts about all the new updates coming from Instagram!