How to Make Consumable Content on Instagram


If you have been following our Instagram series, you already know:

How to set up your business Instagram account, craft a strategy, directly post from a publishing platform, and the meaning behind terms like “regramming” and UGC, but most importantly, how each of them to your Instagram account.

If you haven't read them, be sure to check out our posts since they’re full of great information about how to use Instagram and how to share content to the nearly half a billion daily users on the platform.

Now that you have everything set up, you have to come up with the content, right? Sure, you can mindlessly make content, but the outcome will be sporadic in terms of metrics and won’t give you a clear idea what your audience wants to see.

But let’s back up, what exactly defines content?
Is it a blog post like this?
Instagramable snapshots of your dinner?
A behind-the-scenes video on your page?

Generally, content is considered anything conceived, developed and shared to an audience on social media. This can include videos, ads, social media, blog posts and much more.

But wait, you’re here for help on Instagram, right? So why am I going over something as broad as what is content? Well, because all content is readily marketable on Instagram if you know how to share it.

A great example of this, is the new video trend online. Instagram, originally a image only site, has integrated video into its platform in three ways: live video, daily Instagram stories, and video posts. Those videos may be marketing something, cross marketing content that exists somewhere else (YouTube, anyone?), maybe even linking to a new blog post in your Instagram stories. It is all connected, and if you want to be successful, you need to utilize everything you can.

Now that we know what content is/can be, how do you make your content consumable? Of course, at the heart of it, because all of us have our own voices, and our own personal brands, the exact content you create and share will be unique to you. But we can offer up some helpful tips to aid you ensuring your content is consumed and not lost in the void.


Hashtags are SO important. Seriously. Did you know that some people follow tags instead of accounts? This gives them access to similar content from the widest range of users possible. Genius, right? If you use your hashtags correctly and efficiently, they will find your content, too.


You want to ensure your content is current and creative. Unless you have new views on, or it has recently resurfaced you do not want to share “old” news. Trends seem fleeting, and to an extent, they are, but they are also a way for you to share your voice, and bring in like-minded people to your audience.

Creativity is a VERY personal thing, but be sure to go the extra mile. Instead of snapping that pic of dinner and sharing it directly, including the scenery at the bistro you’re eating at! Are you about to go for a run? Snap a shot of your shoes, linking the brand, and adding a creative or inspirational quote. Your audience will notice if you take the extra time to add creativity to your post.  


In a world where content is consumed constantly, more and more people are making the conscious effort to consume useful content (viral life hack videos, anyone? haha). The uses can vary. For example, both humor and obscure facts can be useful if they are shared with the right audience. Usefulness is something that will differ depending on your field, but even a quick Instagram story about your day is useful - your following have a more genuine and personal connection with you! Be sure to ask yourself what this content will do for your audience, and answer that honestly before posting. This will help you gauge if the content you’re sharing is on brand, as well.


With the world furiously consuming content, sometimes seeing is better than reading, for obvious reasons, mainly being that catching someone's eye [interest] is easier with video than text. Current statistics show that visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than any other content. We need to remember, HOW that video gets the opportunity to catch someone's eye can be directly related to text (#hashtags).

Use all of Instagrams tools (Instagram stories, video, and live videos) to be a storyteller! A brief powerful story can entice more than a thousand word essay. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how valuable video is!


User-generated content is WONDERFUL! Sharing success stories from your audience, highlighting their hard work and so much more comes from UGC. For more information on this, check out our post about Digital Rights and Regramming, it will cover best practices and more!

We hope you utilize these tools and suggestions, while also checking your metrics, too! Be sure you focus on what content your audience likes and shares! This is the BEST way to track what content is being consumed.  

This post focuses on strategies for content creation, and helps you narrow down the basics. When it comes to how to shoot a image, how to control your contrast, white boxes etc. would you want more content from us on that? Would you want tips and tricks to make the visuals you produce be higher quality? Let us know in the comments below!