This summer, I had the opportunity to be a social media intern at Starlight Social remotely for 3 months. Starlight Social is a start-up providing small business with social media management, training classes and web design services.

My work included the management of social media accounts for 5 clients, writing blog posts, researching digital media tools, and coming up ideas for social media campaigns. I learned a lot from my work and my supervisor Rachel and here are 5 tips I want to share with you and, in particular, future interns:

1. Don’t hesitate to ask questions
As a foreigner, I know sometimes there’s language barrier between colleagues and me, which might result in a misunderstanding. So every time I was confused, I asked immediately for clarification. Asking questions actually improved my working efficiency!

2. Be well prepared for Video Google Hangout meetings
I had a Hangout meeting with Rachel every week to discuss tasks for upcoming weeks. Before the meeting, she would send me a meeting agenda, which had a list of tasks I need to prepare before the meeting and what we would discuss about in the meeting. In the meantime, I would prepare several questions I had during the week. This was helpful for keeping our calls efficient and informative.

3. Don’t be afraid to share new ideas
We helped an event coordination app client with its social media content creation this summer. When the Olympics launched I came up with an idea of promoting the app by posting on their social about inviting friends to watch Olympics together. I shared my idea with Rachel immediately, and she liked it a lot! We eventually made several Olympics-related posts on different social platforms, which was a lot of fun.

4. Use Canva for branded images
At the beginning of my internship, Rachel introduced Canva to me. It’s like a basic and simple version of Photoshop. I used it to create images for branded posts. The best part of Canva is that you can easily choose different sizes of photos based on your social platforms. I sometimes also used Photoshop to make more advanced edits as needed.

5. Frequently communicate with your supervisor
Since I was working remotely, I only met Rachel face to face once. But I still felt that we were on the same page and tightly connected. I checked my emails several times per day to avoid missing important messages as well as in the Meistertask took she used for task assignments Every time I found something interesting, funny, or ridiculous on our social platforms, I would email or text her immediately so she’d be in the loop.

Overall, it was my pleasure to work with Rachel this summer! Now here are those tips, one more time:

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 6.47.01 PM.png