Hey everyone! I'm SO excited to announce a collaboration between Starlight Social, Hey Batta Batta, and Thrive Lounge! The three of us will be leading a webinar class all about branding on June 26th at 7:00pm. I hope you can make it and feel free to tweet me any questions!

xo Rachel



You have the most amazing ideas + products + services to share with the world and it's time to make sure your target audience gravitates toward you like #gymrats to the gym, health nuts to Whole Foods or surfers to the sun-kissed beach.

Creating a brand that stands out above the noise and turns your target audience into actual buyers of your product isn't easy, but it's totally possible. In this interactive online course, we'll show you how to create brand that stands out visually, the social strategy to get noticed by your target audience (aka. future customers) AND the automation rules to make sure you seamlessly glide through your weeks like a boss.

What You'll Learn in ONE virtual class:

Phase I.
Look + Feel: How To Brand Visuals That Attract Your Target Audience Like Wildfire

  • Your Brand Needs Rules + Room to grow.

  • Is Your Logo Ready For Battle?

  • Do Your Fonts Speak In Your Brand Personality?

  • Are You Using Color To Boost Your Visual Impact?

Phase II.
Becoming A Branded Socialite: How To Consistently Build Your Brand on Social Media AND IRL

  • The Value of Consistent Company Branding

  • Use LinkedIn for Brand Humble Brags

  • Embrace the Bird: Twitter Brand Strategies

  • How to Assertively Sell Your Brand While Networking IRL

Phase III.
Branding On Autopilot: How To Create Simple Processes To Streamline Your Social Branding

  • Why You Need A Process To Create Brand Consistency Over Time

  • Content Is King: Creating A Comprehensive Content Calendar That Turn Social Media Clicks Into Sales Over Time

  • Don't Make Me Think: How To Use Batch Processing And Simple Rules To Simplify The Branding Process

  • Automation + Productivity Tools for Highly Effective Solopreneurs

Meet Your Instructors

Christy Batta, Founder of Christy Batta Design

Christy Batta is a graphic designer and branding expert for nonprofits and businesses. Her specialty is doing good work for others. She has helped Maré Naturals refresh their visual branding and packaging design which led to a new contract with Whole Foods Markets, designed an annual report for Christ House, a 24-hour residential medical facility serving the homeless in DC, which led to an increase in donations from recipients who learned about the organization’s impact and achievements in the report.

She is also the co-organizer for the Unofficial Hand Lettering Social: leading visual brand for the org as well as supporting organic growth through community events and social media leading to an active mailing list following of over 160 local creatives.


Rachel Wynn, Founder of Starlight Social

Now commonly known as “Starlight Social from Twitter”, Rachel Wynn started her business in June of 2015. In her first year, she made $30K and now, in only her second year, she has monthly contracts that amount to over $100K in annual revenue.

Her unique ability to build a strong brand on social media and quality relationships on Twitter have turned in money-making opportunities. In one instance, a man in Florida found her on LinkedIn in 2016 and she now have a steady subcontractor agreement in place to support his work with the USTDA. She now makes $3K - $6K per contract.


Chantl Martin, Founder of Thrive Lounge

Chantl Martin is the founder of Thrive Lounge, a social success accelerator supporting the next generation of women leaders and entrepreneurs by hosting several in-person and virtual knowledge-sharing events, masterminds and vision board workshops throughout the year.

Chantl also founded the only vision board conference for unstoppable millennial women, VisionCon, held annually in December. She has been featured on Great Day Washington and was a panelist of Blogger Week in 2015. Chantl has a Bachelor's in Business Administration and Master's in Marketing Analytics and spends her days doing data analytics for a billion-dollar FinTech startup.