Starlight Social had such a blast at "Cirque du Yelp" at the Clarendon Ballroom; the folks at Yelp seriously know how to throw a party! Here's our recap of the event and all the exciting stuff that went down:


We loved meeting you at our table and want to give a special shoutout to Heather R. who helped us set up, thanks so much lady!

Another special shoutout to our raffle winners who snagged one of our Emoji prizes, one of our pillows, reusable cups, and a drawstring bag!

Thanks for participating in the raffle and for clowning around with us, loved seeing all the clown noses! 



Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE BAKED GOODS, baking and consumption. As soon as I saw people eating cookies I hunted the table down and was pleased to discover Noshy, based out of Herndon, VA. Since I had been at my own table all night I found them toward the end of the event when she was starting to give away cookies in bulk.

I tried the Cardamom Molasses cookie and almost cried, it was so moist, chewy, and simply the best molasses cookie I've ever had! Thankfully when I asked if I could take some extra she was super generous and I took a handful (hah lies, I took a whole boxful) home to be devoured later that night.


(that made all the girls jealous)

I was at my table most of the night but at one point I heard someone on a mic and TONS of screaming and lady shrieks so I assumed someone was busting out some dance moves on the stage in the back of the bar.

NOPE SOMEBODY GOT ENGAGED. How adorable is THAT?! Also, how cute is her skirt?! Congrats Tiffany and her super sweet fiancé whose name I didn't catch!


There were flasks and they went wicked FAST). Enough said.



Major props to these guys who really got into the party spirit!

Do you think Horton or the Rabbit deserve "Best Dressed"? Comment at the end of this blog so I can declare a winner! 


For more fabulous event photos by Jon Fleming,




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Starlight Social will be a sponsor again so see you there in your spookiest attire! 

Yelp's Spirited Spooktacular at One Eight Distilling

OCTOBER 4 + 5, 8:00pm-10:00pm

The bewitching hour is upon us and the spirit world walks among the living. Instead of hiding underneath our beds, let's invite them to join the party! Join Yelp as we celebrate the spirit of the District with sick sights, mad beats, and tasty treats courtesy of our amazing local sponsors. Whether you're new to Yelp, or you're an OG, join in as we party like only Yelpers know how.

Admission is free, with $10 donation to our charity partner DC Central Kitchen, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing hunger with recycled food, training unemployed adults for culinary careers, serving healthy school meals, and rebuilding urban food systems through social enterprise.