While reflecting on my summer internship, I have come to realize that I learned more during the course of my time at Starlight Social than I had ever expected over the course of three short months. Not only have I had the opportunity to grasp a better understanding about the world of social media, but I believe that my internship has enabled me to become a more well-rounded student as I soon look to enter the workforce.

Shadowing Rachel as she ran the business was extremely inspiring; in one short year she launched her business and managed to attain a variety of interesting clients, each of whom had different requests and requirements. After reflecting upon my summer, I think that the majority of my takeaways from this internship fall into three categories: how to utilize a variety of social media platforms and tools that increase efficiency, how to interact and engage with clients, and how to start your own business.

The first takeaway is something that I knew I was going to learn when I applied for this internship--learning more about social media. And boy did I learn a lot. Not only had I not heard of tools such as Buffer, Canva and Meistertask, but after three short months I can say that I have come close to being proficient in these three tools and many more. Little did I know that there are many tips and tricks to becoming a master of social media. As social media is extremely important in every field, I am now prepared to take this knowledge and apply it to my schoolwork and beyond.

Not only was I able to learn about the technicalities of using social media itself, but I was also able to shadow Rachel in her client meetings and conferences. Being a college student, this is something that I had never experienced in a workforce setting. Engaging in these meetings taught me the proper way to go about dealing with clients. I learned about the importance of maintaining a strong network, creating relationships with clients and spreading the word about your business.

However, I was also exposed to the difficulties of balancing personal life and work life in any sort of job that requires dealing with clients. Meeting your clients’ needs always seems to be most important, whether or not you are technically working at that time. It’s important to set boundaries in terms of relationships with clients since that can potentially cause issues down the road.

Last, I was able to learn about the many things that being an entrepreneur entails. When thinking about starting a business, it’s easy to look past small things that are extremely important to running a company. However, Rachel taught me everything from how to manage Starlight Social’s finances to sending a proper email to a client.

Whether in the future I look to start my own business or not, this will always be an inspiring internship for me to have experienced. I am extremely grateful for my time at Starlight Social and all that Rachel has taught me. I cannot wait to see it expand and I am excited to have been a part of this amazing company!