L-R: Rachel Wynn, Dwayne Somerville, Haley Lerner

L-R: Rachel Wynn, Dwayne Somerville, Haley Lerner

My name is Haley Lerner, and I am a rising Junior at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. I am extremely interested in the world of marketing, branding and social media. My desire to explore this field sparked after attending lectures given by representatives of huge companies such as Coke and Chik-fil-A, regarding their own marketing and communication strategies.

These lectures inspired me to delve deeper in what it means to be involved in all aspects of a business operation. I came to understand that the marketing/communications field is one that can be applicable to many different types of jobs and environments, and therefore is extremely flexible and appealing as I am not exactly sure what career path I want to take after I graduate from Emory.

I started working at Starlight Social toward the middle of May, 2016. I have already had the opportunity to expand my knowledge of different social media platforms and have had exposure to client interaction and engagement. This has been a great learning experience because I had never been exposed to any type of business meeting or encounter. I am excited to attend/observe more of these meetings.

So far, my favorite part was working with a client to organize an event for his company. Although I have done event-planning in school on a smaller scale, this experience expanded my previous knowledge and brought it to a whole new level. There are so many tedious aspects of event planning; if one thing goes wrong, it could lead to disaster. This was extremely eye-opening and helpful for future endeavors both at Emory and beyond.

Another thing that I love about working at Starlight Social is my opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship. It is extremely inspiring to work for an entrepreneur, because it really has proven to me that if one has the proper amount of drive and ambition, a person can set out on his/her own to do what they love. It is extremely interesting to be able to work to build a company and watch it grow. I am very excited to help Starlight Social expand and take on new opportunities, and hope to learn even more as the summer continues.