I'm going to be 100% honest with you, I used to hate Twitter. I thought it was confusing, useless, and simply another outlet for our world's narcissistic tendencies. I didn't see any value to using it and never even thought about how a business could possibly use it to grow their brand. 

All of that changed on February 3, 2013. I was watching Super Bowl XLVII at my friend's house, but I was really bored; I'm not really into football so I was mostly there to socialize, nom on some themed snacks (I brought these hideous but tasty cupcakes, don't they look like little poops?), and watch the entertaining commercials. All the sudden the lights went off in the stadium and we're all like, "uhhhh what just happened?" 

Everyone hopped on their phones to text friends and families and someone said Twitter was "blowing up". Since I had used Twitter once before to live tweet during a Bachelor episode (don't judge, everyone has a guilty pleasure, plus I wasn't at my girlfriend's house so I had to talk to someone about the crazy dates!). I hopped on to see what was going on since I figured Twitter would be faster than the news channels.

I was scrolling through the frantic fan tweets and came across this gem:

It made me laugh...and then it made me think. As I was watching the number of RTs soar and how many people were "Favoriting" the tweets, remember, this was before the ⭐️ became a ❤️, I slowly realized that with a single tweet Oreo reached thousands of people! They weren't even heavily promoting their brand, they were make a timely comment on a major national event and users LOVED IT.

As you can see above in the tweet, this was retweeted RT well over 16,000 times. 16,000 people took action on it, but that number didn't even include the people who giggled and kept scrolling through their Twitter feed! Since Twitter moves at lightning speed, I was really surprised so many people were interacting with the tweet since they only sent one out. Not only that, but it became one of the most memorable ad moments of the game (sorry to the companies that spend millions on commercial air time!).

Finally, it became clear that Twitter was here to stay and a HUGE game-changer for small businesses in nonprofits since, instead of spending tons of money on print ads, they could simply have someone on their team come up with witty and timely tweets that cost zero dollars. I remembered working at my old job Vocus where we sold PR and marketing software to small business and realized why the clients would swoon over the Twitter tools section.

Amazing that less than 3 years later I now own a social media company right?