Ok guys, it's officially crunch time for Christmas and Hanukkah shopping, so I wanted to toss out some ideas based on products I've bought and absofreakinlutely LOVE!

Check out my current list of favorite things (does Oprah own that phrase yet?) that are sure to be a hit this holiday season!


$15 - "LIT" Gift Wrap Sheets: Fetti Wrap

Ok, I had to start with gift wrap because who doesn't want to give a gift in style?! I'm obsessed with Justice Fergie's new product line of gift paper with attitude. I bought the "LIT" and "GirlBoss 2 GirlBoss" sheets and I'm SO excited to dress up my gifts with something sure to make my friends and colleagues smile real wide. 

While you can order online, on bought mine in-person at the (amazing) VisionCon 2016 hosted by the lovely ladies from Thrive LoungeClick here to browse the collection and consider buying some to give as a gift, because who doesn't want gift wrap? I hoard gently used gift wrap, ribbons, bows, tags, etc. in my closet and I know I'm not the only one! 😂


$20 - Nature's Wick Candle: Target

This candle is legit amazing. Since the wicks are made out of WOOD so as soon as you light it, the candle makes a pleasant crackling sound, as if there were a grand fireplace in my 600sq ft DC condo. Besides how it sounds, I was surprised by how powerful candle smells, even when it's no longer lit. It leaves a wonderful aroma that puts a smile on my face whenever I get home.

🕯 I've also devised a productivity trick with the candle for when I'm feeling unmotivated. I sit down, clear off my desk, light the candle, and get to work. Something about the crackling in the background (click here for the link to my tweet that has sound) seems to help me focus, more so than music or TV. Just be sure to blow it out when you're done, safety first (for real, I almost set my hair on fire one time, but luckily my pillow caught the flame)!


$55 - Leather MacBook Case, Free Engraving: Etsy

I just got a new MacBook Pro because my good ole MacBook Air couldn't handle my heavy tab and Chrome extension usage. As soon as I got it I wanted a case because the first time I threw it in my bag it got something sticky (unknown origin) on it, mehhhh! So I hopped on Etsy because I've wanted a leather case for a while, but have had a hard time finding one that was just two pieces to clip on. Well, I FOUND IT! I I ordered it on December 6th and I got it, shockingly, on December 10th, nice work ShopCedrus

💻 Not only does this case look super fly, but it comes with free engraving! I debated for probably 20 minutes on if I wanted my name, website, or company name and I decided to go with Starlight Social® because hey, free advertising right? I'm so so happy with how it looks and that he was able to offer more fonts than the ones listed (gotta have my Oswald!). This seller has a variety of sizes and a few colors so check em out and buy one for yourself or your favorite digital nomad.

Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 8.57.53 PM.png

We all have that difficult friend to shop for, you know the one who has all of the things and really doesn't want more "stuff". Instead of a gift she'll...regift, give her some irresistibly delicious fresh baked cookies from Noshy! 🍪 I gifted myself a tin for my birthday (holla 27!) and now wish I had bought the bigger one because between my partner and I, they lasted 1.5 days...don't judge me, you'll see!

I first encountered Noshy at the Cirque du Yelp event this summer and was lucky enough to take home a whole bunch she was giving away at the end. After trying a few I quickly determined that the cardamom molasses cookies are made by confectionary angels who just happen to be based in Herndon, VA. "OH NO, Rachel I don't have a car!" Don't worry, I got mine shipped and the prices are reasonable for some delicious, melt-in-your mouth, I-don't-want-to-share-these-with-anyone cookies. Check out the full menu here and don't say I didn't warn you about the addictive nature of these delights!


$12 - I Believe In Aliens: Sock It To Me via Amazon

I've never been a "sock" person, you know, that person who always rocks some dope-looking socks that peek out from their pants and make you crack up. Mine have always been functional, and a bit boring. I shuffled through my drawer and found lots of single and ready to mingle socks, but no matches. I'd like to think they are all hanging out here, waiting to be reunited lol. Anyways, I decided to treat myself to some new socks, but let me first say that if you're planning to check out the link, give yourself at least 20 minutes to browse because once I opened that Pandora's Box O Socks, I was SUCKED IN.

After sorting through tons of options, I decided to buy these awesome alien socks. What you can't see in the product picture is the red planet on the other side, so close but so darn far as Mark Watney discovered in one of my favorite books of 2016. Anyways, they of course have mens socks and shorter socks for those not rocking the knee-high look. Let me tell you a little secret, my work attire nowadays is a comfy tee, leggings, and socks (bra optional...😏) since I work from home and why not be cozy? 


So what do you think?!

Comment below with feedback and/or YOUR ideas on fabulous gifts for the holidays!