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Blogalicious8 knocked my socks off and changed my life in the first HOUR of the conference during Stacey’s “#Multipassionate: How to Align Your Passions Into A Cohesive Brand Strategy.”

I currently own a social media company in DC called Starlight Social and being my own boss is lovely and such, but I realized in Stacey’s session that social media isn’t my true passion. During the session we did an activity with popsicle sticks, gumdrops, and little umbrella, here's a pic of mine:

"Helping solopreneurs setup their business systems"

"Collaborating with people"

"Helping others learn to be more efficient with their time"

As you see, social media was not on my passion popsicle stick, which really surprised me, especially since it didn’t even come to mind when I was making my sticks! So through this simple exercise I had an epiphany that I need to pivot my business and develop a plan for monetizing this newly found passion.

My working pitch is: "I help ladies quit their day jobs to pursue their passion and set up systems and structure for business success." Holla! 💁🏽 Anywho, thanks Stacey for being such an inspiration! 

Now, let's talk about the rest of this fabulous conference. I cannot believe how much I've learned in just 2.5 days so far! Here are my favorite nuggets of advice and hilarity:


  • Ask your family and friends: What do you think I really enjoy? What makes me excited and my eyes light up?

  • “We gotta full-ass it guys!”

  • Ditch the titles! Create a motto or a mission statement, don't just state your name and company when people ask what you do

  • Share content that SOLVES A PROBLEM for your readers

  • The best light for taking outdoor photos is during something called golden hour

  • Create ideal client "avatars"/profiles with tons of detail so you know exactly who you are writing/selling to and why

  • "Ask yourself. Am I the expert or am I the story?" - Ramon Ray

  • We wear so many hats, but it's crucial to remember to keep yourself on the list!

  • "Digital perception is REALITY, so make sure your online presence isn't busted..." - Ramon Ray

  • Wells Fargo Works for Small Business® has free small biz resources and advice!


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What were your favorite #Blogalicious8 Nuggets?

Comment below!