So, there are various social media platforms out there, right? Do you really understand the purpose behind each one? Here's our insight and recommendations:

1. Facebook
Facebook is about building
long-term relationships and almost any business can benefit from having a Facebook page. But get this, Facebook isn't about selling.

Your goal in using Facebook for business is to let customers get to know the people behind the logo. You'll want to portray your business in a friendly, "sociable" manner, as a place where customers are treated well and "everybody knows your name."

For example, photos should illustrate not just you at your desk but your dog at a company event, or your staff teaming up to volunteer. If done correctly, your fans become loyal followers and Facebook can be a very significant lead generator.

2. Twitter
Twitter is an "in the moment" social tool. It's a marvelous way for businesses to reach out to people instantly and expect, and are ready for, people to reply.

If you have breaking news, updates, questions for your followers, or even need to announce a recall, Twitter is the way to reach out to people fast. It's for the business that has things to say frequently and prefers to reach people directly.

3. LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a great place for reaching out to people and developing business connections so that when someone need your services, there you are. This platform also includes groups and threads where you can discuss your interests, solicit advice, ask and answer questions, and let your expertise shine.

It's not a very visual medium, but it's a great place to post links to your professional articles or blogs so people can read more about who you are and what you do. Insta-credibility booster!


4. Pinterest
Pinterest is a content-sharing service that allows members to "pin" or post photos, videos, and other images to their "boards".

The site has a predominantly female audience and is ideal for businesses where visual imagery is a main feature or selling point. 

So for instance, if you focus on wedding planning, travel destinations, interior decorating, fashion, or food, you can say a great deal about your products and services through your stunning photos or videos.

5. Instagram
Attention image-friendly businesses like restaurants, fashion, architecture, technology, designers, etc.,

Instagram is where you want to be. Visuals can be represented in a variety of ways here, but you'll need to consider whether your product or service is visually interesting and how it can be represented through photos.

On this medium you'll want to post high-quality pictures of your product, customers using your product, and business outings that show your company culture.

I hope this helped you understand the basics of each platform, feel free to reach out if you'd like to chat about these platforms!

Info Source: Scott Levy, Fuel Online