You've seen those moving images, usually referencing something in pop culture, on social media, right? Have you ever wondered what they are and how you should use them for your business?

Gif [
1.  file format for storage of digital color images and short animations.

...or in other words, a graphic image on a web page that moves. An animated GIF can loop endlessly or can go for a few sequences and then the animation stops.

If you want to sound smart (or...nerdy) the proper way to pronounce gif, believe it or not, is "jiff".

So why am I telling you about gifs? Because they are an awesome way to spice up your content and attract eyes to your posts, especially now that Twitter and Facebook are gif-friendly.

I recommend checking out as they have a great selection of gifs organized by category. It's an easy way to get your content more traction and add some humor to your posts!

If you have questions about gifs or the best way to use them, as always, shoot me an email or tag me in a tweet: @StarlightSocial