Is your business card making the impression you want for your business? Here are some of my top tips:

1. Include a Photo
Trust me on this one. Think about that time you went to a large networking event and you were handing your cards out like candy. Remember coming home with a stack of cards from new people you met? Do you remember all of them? Probably not. Instead of making your new contacts go on LinkedIn to sleuth who's who (or worse, throwing it away), simply slap your headshot onto your card to make a great, personal, impact.

2. Use the Back
Get creative with the back of your card! Putting something fun like a coupon, quote, or special offer will help keep your card out of the trash.

3. Don't Skimp on Paper Quality
Your business card will often be the first impression people have of your business so make sure your cards are a nice quality.

Make sure the paper isn't too thin and that it's the type you can write on since some people make notes on business cards to help remember the person that gave it to them.

4. Keep it Simple
Avoid cluttering the card with too much noise. People shouldn't feel overwhelmed by too many images, crazy colors, or different fonts because it will take away from the important info. When in doubt, less is best.

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