I had a blast at Techweek especially since I got to see Gary Vaynerchuk, the KING of content marketing! 

My biggest takeaways were the following quotes:

  • "This is the single greatest generation of fake entrepreneurs of all time...Every single kid that I run into now, that's under 22 years old, defaults into an entitlement that they are going to run and own their own company and run under the idea that people are going to give them a million dollars to start it. It's a broken game and it's going to be straight carnage."

  • "I've never failed in business that I've run. Why? Because I'm great."

  • "Guys, there's like 7 companies that made it insane and there are 70,000 a WEEK that die."

  • "Money is the oxygen of a business."

Check out the video here, it's certainly worth a watch. Especially Gary's story on his first business move, it involves Kmart, Shaquille O'Neal, and some fairly shady business practices!