Think of one of your favorite local shops or restaurants and check them out online. Do they have an active Facebook account? Are they on Twitter? Instagram? Yelp? 

If you think they could make some improvements to their social media strategy, please give them our information! If they sign an agreement to work with us you'll get 20% of their bill! 

For example, Ken's favorite pizza shop (let's call it Steve's Pizza) has a god-awful website and a Facebook account that hasn't been updated for a couple months. He loves this Steve's Pizza and wants them to succeed, though mostly because they know how to make the crust just right and it would be tragic if they shut down. 

Ken asks the owner, Steve, if they are looking to ramp up their social media presence and Steve says "YES!" so he introduces him to me. Steve's Pizza signs up with Starlight Social for a new website ($1,200) and a training class ($300) for their general manager so they are empowered to effectively handle the shop's social media.

So, what do you get out of this? $300 cash for passing along a qualified referral, it probably took about 30 minutes out of your day! Now that's a lot of dough for pizza!