I'm guilty of one of the cardinal sins of the workday: I can multitask like a BOSS. People tell me all the time that multi-tasking isn't actually more efficient, that jumping around to different activities online isn't good for your brain. In a quest to change my habits, I did some research and came across this gem: The Pomodoro Technique. 

The Pomodoro Technique was invented by Frances Cirillo in the 1980s (the name is derived from the tomato shaped kitchen timer that Cirillo used while perfecting the method) as a way to maximize time and efficiency by blocking out 25 minutes of uninterrupted focus. 

In a nutshell, eliminating all distractions and dedicating time to one single task is the best way to get things done effectively. It's not easy and it takes practice and discipline, but it pays off!

The goal is to get to a point where you're able to get things done efficiently and cut out the superfluous time spent on miscellaneous tasks like updating your to do list, walking the dog, checking email, etc. I challenge you to give it a try, just once, and see if it works for you!